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Genesis 24:28-67
Memorise Proverbs 22:29
"Seeing the LORD hath prospered my way"

Abraham’s servant was certainly a diligent and faithful servant, worthy of Abraham’s confidence and trust. Throughout his journey, he obeyed his master’s instructions to the letter, never turning from his objective to find a godly wife for his master’s son. We can do well to learn from the attitude and work ethic that he demonstrated and apply it in our service to the Lord.

We see that he was very focused on the task at hand. He was clear on what his purpose was, and had a single-minded attitude towards accomplishing that goal. As he came to the house of Laban, he told them “I will not eat, until I have told mine errand” (Genesis 24:33). For him, it was business before pleasure. He wanted to be certain that his job was done first before he would begin to think of his own comforts.

Next, as he began to tell them of his mission (Genesis 24:34-48), he was very honest and upfront about all that had transpired, careful to inform them of the spiritual importance of his duty. He wanted to make known his intentions very clearly. He held nothing back in his testimony and showed that he had no ill intentions or ulterior motives. He shared details about his oath, his prayers, and also his desire for Rebekah to return with him to Canaan. Through this, he showed them that Rebekah was indeed the answer to his prayers – a fact to which Laban acknowledged, that “the thing proceedeth from the LORD” (Genesis 24:50).

Through it all, the servant continually acknowledged the hand of God in all his dealings, and was quick to worship God at every new development in his quest (Genesis 24:53). He was fully conscious that he was engaged in a spiritual work, and that everything transpired only by the gracious and providential hand of God.

Finally, he never procrastinated in his task. He turned down Laban’s offer for them to abide for another ten days to enjoy their hospitality (Genesis 25:55-56), for he was keen to get back on the road to return to his master and complete the task that he had set out to do. In good time, he returned to Isaac, and brought him a wife that he loved and could serve as a suitable help meet for him.

Thought: Am I conscious of the fact that all work I do is God's work?
Prayer: Lord, may I always be faithful and diligent in all that I do.