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January - March 2020

"Know the Judges!"

“Every man did what was right in his own eyes” was the phrase that God used to characterize the period of Judges that lasted more than three hundred and fifty years. But this is the phrase that characterizes the world since the fall of man. Yet it was a rebuke against God’s people because they had the Word of God and ought to have done what was right in the eyes of the LORD; but they did not! They gave up on God, but God did not give up on them. They were the people of God in the Old Testament, Israel!

We are living in a period similar to that of Judges. We are the people of God in the New Testament. We have much to learn from God through how He raised up and used the judges in times past to help His people, so that the church today can be delivered from her many sins against her LORD! The sins committed in churches today include idolatry, broken families and breaking of vows. MAY WE ALL BE BLESSED BY THE LORD THROUGH THE STUDY OF THE JUDGES!


January - March 2019

“Know Your Church!”
The face of the church has transformed into a kaleidoscope of images that boggles the mind of every sinner and even some believers. The reason is the last days we are living in. The Lord Jesus has prophesied that before His return, the Christian church will fall away into apostasy. The church will be Christian in name only and nothing more. Thousands if not millions have been duped into believing that they are going to heaven when in reality they are still heading towards hell. The reason is their sins have not been washed by the blood of Christ, for the Christ they were introduced to and believe in is not the Christ of the Bible. The person who is truly born again has the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to help him to discern from God’s Holy Word whether he and his loved ones are in an unbiblical or biblical church. Knowing what one’s church is like, based upon the study of God's Word, will make an eternal difference as to whether one ends up in heaven or in hell.



April - June 2019

“Know Yourself!”
The world wants us to know ourselves as people of the world. The educational system is designed toward this goal. Its purpose is clearly seen by its many man-made meaningless accolades such as graduate and post-graduate titles. The working world and governments are the icing on the cake of man-centred praise with their egocentric acronyms and titles such as CEO, GM and Presidents, Premiers and Prime Ministers, and Kings and Queens. Christians have been sucked into this whirlpool of false praise so that they will forget who they are in Christ. With this amnesiac mind-set they will soon forget their duties as children of God who have a glorious and Christ-centred mission.

The less Christians know who they are in Christ, the easier it will be for them to live like the world and be seduced by the god of this world, the devil! 21st century Christians live in an era of apostate Christian Faith. They need to know who they are in Christ now more than in any other century. The Bible is replete with many assuring and convicting titles to describe the children of God. The better they understand how their heavenly Father views them, the more steadfast they will be in their perseverance in fighting the good fight of faith and in evangelism. Believers’ identity in Christ is one of the most important truths that has been revealed to strengthen their resolve to live a victorious life for Christ. They can all hear their Lord commend them with “well done my good and faithful servants” if they remain faithful by fulfilling all that the Lord has intended through the many special names He uses to describe His children.

Take heed and truly know who you are in Christ for His glory!


July - September 2019

“Know the Beginning and the End”
The knowledge of the beginning and the end is crucial and necessary. If we think that the beginning is godless evolution, then the end is sin, death and hell! The sinner does not fear God. He thinks there is no accountability in his life. His life is one of aimless debaucherous living . . . eating, drinking and merry making. Such foolishness is the bane of our society today!

However, once we know the truth of our beginning, we will want to know the end. We always begin with God. His witnesses are all around us. The heavens and the earth are one humongous intricately designed and ordered design. The most complicated of all of man's designs put together cannot be compared with it! Yet man is so foolish he cannot see and greatly risks dying in sin and ending in hell. But he can do something about it NOW so that his destiny can be changed from hell to heaven! All he needs to do is to know his true beginning and he will by God’s grace be deeply convicted enough to do something about his end.

If you know your end is heaven, there is a God-given responsibility to impact others for Christ so that you can help them see their end.

Be that someone who knows his beginning and end. Make a difference today before it is over for good.


October - December 2019

“Know Your Gains and Losses”

Everyone likes to gain and not lose. Profit and loss is what the life of man is made of. This is not limited to his economic realm but every aspect of his life. However, the world has blinded man to think that all that matters in life is what he gains in the material realm. Man has been kept in the dark about the far more significant gains and losses in the spiritual realm. His eternity in hell or heaven is surely on the line.

This final quarter of SGH 2019 will focus on what each of us will gain or lose by what we decide here and now in life. To help us make right decisions, God has given to us His revelations on what man will lose or gain depending more on how he lives than what he says. One such sermon has this question asked by Jesus Christ to all of us, "What shall it profit a man if he were to gain the world and lose his soul?" (cf Matthew 16:26) Indeed, this is a very pertinent question as 21st century man lives to own this world with all its modernity and electronic fancies. "The successful and good life is measured by what man owns to do what man wants!" "The more we own the more we get to do what we want!" Are these not some of the notions that have captured the hearts and minds of children and have also become their drive to excel and be at the very top in life? Are their souls worth so little? The glory of man is but fleeting and it appears like a vapour and is gone by noon time. Our souls and that of our loved ones must be more than the abundance of what we possess! Come and let Christ Jesus help you to gain and no longer suffer loss.


January - March 2018

“Know Your God!”
To know God is to know the Creator of the universe. The greatest knowledge a man could ever possess is to know the One who created him. Yet the world we live in is a world of sin where the knowledge of God is despised and rejected. By the grace and mercies of God, we pray this new series of messages will open the eyes of some to know that God wants man to know Him. God has revealed Himself to man through His creation and through His holy and perfect Word.

Come one and come all. To know your God is life. To not know Him is death! This is the plight of man today since the fall of man into sin. This God can either be your heavenly Father or your Judge. Choose you this day whom you desire to know . . . the god of this world that brings death or the God of the Bible who brings life eternal. COME AND KNOW YOUR GOD!



April - June 2018

"Know Your Saviour!"
Before the Return of Jesus Christ, the Bible warns believers that Christianity will fall away (cf. 2Thessalonians 2:3). The word for “fall away” is “apostasy”, i.e. a defection of the truth! In this context it will be a fall away that can be measured. It is measured by the inerrant and infallible Word of God. We are living in the age of apostasy. The “Jesus Christ” that is preached and believed today has so many faces such that no two “Jesus” is the same. There are those who say they believe in Jesus but bow down to idols. There are those who say they believe in Jesus but worship like the Devil!

Who is the real Jesus today? If we believe in the wrong Jesus, we have no salvation, for we are still dead in sin and bound for hell after we die! This is the frightful reality of our age in these last days. Jesus warns, “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (Matthew 7:21-23)

Take heed and make sure you truly know your Saviour!



July - September 2018

"Know The Holy Spirit!"
Due to the over emphasis of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the Charismatic Movement, they seemed to have monopolised the Holy Spirit’s ministry and the Bible’s teaching on His Person and ministry. Non-Charismatic churches are fearful of teaching any doctrine contrary to what the movement has been teaching. This is tragic because the Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Godhead and He has a very significant and integral part of every true believer's life and witness. Not to know the Spirit’s role in our lives and what he does in our ministry will leave believers in spiritual weakness. This ignorance of the Spirit’s impact in our holy witness has crippled many believers’ spiritual walk.

The proper understanding of the Spirit's role as revealed in Holy Scriptures will strengthen every believer’s faith. This will empower them to walk in victory for Christ. The believer’s impact for Christ will point sinners to the Saviour and encourage saints to newer heights of holy living for Christ. These truths will set believers free from the errors taught and practiced by the end time movement of the Antichrist. Please come and be blessed.



October - December 2018

"Know Your Enemies!"
When God revealed Himself to believers in the Bible, He described Himself using many different terms to capture His work and Person. He did the same when He described believers. He also did the same when he described the enemies of God and God’s people. It is important to know one’s enemies in order to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. In this way, believers are aware of the snares around them and can avoid them. The world has the Devil as its god. He is the head controlling the affairs of every nation throughout the ages. He has been using the advancement of technology to deceive the world at such a very rapid rate that it boggles the mind. The speed of deceptive information through the air waves incessantly causes the hearts and minds of the young and old to be led away from the Truth and captured. True Christianity alone stands in the way of this evil influence by the evil one and his minions. Seminaries, Bible Colleges and fundamental churches have been infiltrated and destroyed just as quickly as they are founded.

God wants all His faithful children to KNOW THEIR ENEMIES. God has revealed who these enemies are by their names and titles which describe their seductive methods and cunning craftiness. All believers need to protect themselves and their loved ones from the evil one and his evil ways in these least days. Please come and be blessed.


January - March 2017

"Be Not Ignorant!"

In our world of information explosion, man may realize that he is and can be ignorant of many things in life, and his life would go on as usual. He is very selective in what he wants to know to impact his life fully. This is wise. He wants to experience a rich life. However, there is a life after this life that he cannot afford to be ignorant of. How he lives this life on earth will impact his life after death eternally. In the first quarter of 2017, we shall study 13 passages of Scripture where God warns us of man's ignorance and how he can get himself out of it. God does not want anyone to be ignorant of His truth because this ignorance will result in serious consequences upon death. Where eternity is concerned, ignorance is definitely not bliss. It is eternal tragedy! Let us not be ignorant any more of God's Truth!



April - June 2017

“The Fear of God”

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” is an oft quoted dictum to encourage a believer who needs encouragement. But what does “the fear of the LORD” mean? If the fear of the LORD is truly the beginning of wisdom, then it is imperative that we know what it means in our lives, for all of us desire to be wise. Being wise, we will make fewer mistakes in life. Our decisions will be right and God honouring! We will be a blessing to others. We will bring glory to God!

By God’s grace, we shall study a few passages of the Bible that teach us what it means to fear the LORD. Hopefully we shall begin to have wisdom, and live a holy and better life before God and all men.



July - September 2017

"The Last Days!"

On 31 October 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses on the church gate in Wittenberg. This lit the fire of the reformation that spread across Europe and the rest of the world. For the next hundreds of years the gospel was preached freely. The gospel of Jesus Christ went to the four corners of the world. But everywhere the gospel went, Satan followed and he has never stopped to thwart the work of Christ. Since the fall of Adam in Genesis, this Old Serpent, the Devil, has attacked the Word of God incessantly. His plan is to deceive and blind the world so that many will die in sin and join him in the Lake of Fire to be punished for eternity.

500 years have passed since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses. What has become of Christianity since then? Is it better or worse? In this new series of messages at SGH, we shall evaluate today’s Christianity with the Word of God because we are living in the Last Days!



October - December 2017

 “The Return of Christ!”

The refrain that Christ will return soon has been uttered by God’s people throughout the centuries since the first coming of Christ. Yet, Christ has not returned. Many are disillusioned and have even stopped believing completely. This is evidenced by the unbelieving west where the gospel was first given since the time of Apostle Paul. There are also scoffers and they are the worst. Not only do they not believe, they mock those who do. What about you, dear reader? Do you still believe despite the unbelief around you?

Christ cannot lie. When He says He will return, He will definitely return! There is nothing on earth and in heaven that can stop Christ from returning to this earth when it is time! Christ has given some signs before His return! Many of these signs are already fulfilled! The issue is not IF Christ will return but WHEN He returns . . . will you be ready when He does? Amen.


January - March 2016


The Greek word for "worship" is "proskuneo." The literal meaning is "to kiss like a dog kissing its master's hand." The Hebrew word for worship is "sha-chah." It has the idea of a person who "prostrates" himself on the ground. This is how the Bible defines worship! So, who do you worship?
God has created in mankind a propensity to worship. After the fall, man is so steep in sin that they worship anything and anyone, including objects with eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear, and hands and feet that cannot move. Man make such objects, and then call them gods, as if these objects made man! After God has saved sinful man, He also restored in man the chief purpose of their existence. They were created to worship God and to glorify Him only, and no one else. The worship of the one living and true God has been greatly assaulted by Satan today in many 21st century churches. Christendom has entered into the period of the Judges where everyone worships God in any way that is right in his/her own eyes. It is as if God has no choice but to accept! The corruption of worship is the death of the church! Come and be instructed. May God be merciful that through the study of His holy and perfect Word, true worship may be restored in our lives and in churches. Amen.


April - June 2016


Man is made of the earth and from the earth he eats and drinks. His dependence upon the earth for life is so great that man is calling the earth his mother. "Mother Earth" is a term that captures man's need and love for the things of the earth. Man thinks that life is measured by the abundance of his possessions. Billionaires are placed on pedestals for the world to marvel at. The richest man is sought after as a life worth emulating. These are true riches to sinful man.
Sadly, believers today are deluded into thinking the same way. They think that they are blessed of God because they are rich and they have increased their "net worth." What are true riches? God's children should regard riches the way their one true living God measures true riches. The Bible shows man's dependence upon the earth for life. Therefore, we can learn from the Word of God to guide us and protect us from the lust of the eyes and the lust of flesh that pervade the world and churches today! May God deliver His people from the delusion of possessions and open their eyes to the biblical way they must live before all is lost. Amen.


July - December 2016

"Evidence of Salvation!"

The 21st Century is known as the last of the last days by many of God's people. One of the main reasons is that the falling away of Christianity has taken place. This was prophesied by God in 2Thessalonians 2:1-3 as one of the many signs that will occur before Christ's imminent return. This means that the generation of the 21st century is subject to deception of the highest order. There are more false believers today since the founding of the local church witness in Acts 2. Many are at risk of thinking that they are going to heaven when in reality they are still heading toward hell. This is the worst human condition to be in, for he will be beyond salvation if he thinks that he is already saved! These professing believers are found in almost all the churches of our time. This deadly pandemic of falsehood has gripped the world by storm since the birth of the Charismatic Movement, Ecumenical Movement and Neo-evangelical Movement in the 20th century. It has spread all over the globe through modern technology. Like wildfire, it cannot be stopped by man. It will culminate in the Second Coming of Christ. He will come as Judge and not as Saviour! It is imperative that we are not deceived and are not deceiving ourselves in these last days. The price of being deceived is spending eternity in Hell. May God open our eyes and help us to see. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear must see and hear NOW!


January - March 2015


Christendom has never been diluted to such a global extent since the birth of the local church in Acts 2. Roman Catholics, neo-evangelicals, Charismatics, liberals, neo-fundamentalists, conservatives, etc call themselves Christians. The witness of the biblical Christ has been assaulted in ways that can only be due to the last days we are living in. Jesus warns that many will call themselves Christians on the Day of Judgement but He will reject them because He does not know them and has never known them. Making sure of our salvation is not a small matter. The cost of a false salvation is eternity in hell. Blaming the one who deceived us is not a legitimate excuse to escape hell. Every sinner is responsible to make certain his own salvation as the Bible warns in Philippians 2:12.
Thank God that He has given to us enough evidence of a person who is truly a Christian in His holy Scriptures. Do you have these evidence?


April - June 2015

"The Most Needed Doctrine Today: BIBLICAL SEPARATION!"

The doctrine of Biblical Separation is one of the best doctrines given by our loving heavenly Father to protect His children from this dangerous sin-sick world. When a child of God sins, his witness in Christ is jeopardized. He brings shame to Christ whose Name he bears. Sinners are dying in sin and will end up in hell. Eternal souls of men, women and children are at stake. They need to see Christ in every child of God's life. The witness of God's children is evidence of the power of salvation in Christ. The doctrine of Biblical Separation protects the witness of Christ in the believer's life. When the doctrine is ignored or misapplied, the damage is worse. Believers will despise this blessed doctrine. However, when properly applied, the Name of Christ is exalted and sinners will see Christ in the believer's life.


July - September 2015

"The Christian and His Temptations!"

Some Christians believe that whenever they face temptation, they will surely fall into sin. They feel that to be tempted is already a sin. Thus whenever they are tempted, they simply succumb. Their testimony for Christ is devastated when they sin. They live a defeated Christian life. They forfeit the joy they ought to have in Christ.
Such a defeatist attitude stems from a wrong biblical understanding of temptations. Through the study of the topic of facing temptations, we hope to correct this wrong understanding. With a biblical understanding of temptation, perhaps then the Christian may find the needful strength from Christ to overcome temptations. He sins less. His testimony for Christ is strengthened. The abundant life in Christ returns to him. The joy of the LORD becomes his strength once more.
Come and study God's Word with us at SGH. May God move your hearts to come and to bring a loved one or friend to the Saviour. Amen.


October - December 2015

"The Christian and His Faith!"

Mankind understands the experience of having faith, for it is found on earth. To have faith is to trust. The print on the carton of milk says that the milk will expire in 10 days time. We believe it and so we buy the milk. Faith in the Bible is similar. It is one of trust. However, the faith of man in man is different; man can fail. The milk could go bad in 8 days. But the faith that man has in God will never be betrayed. He is God. He cannot lie. To have faith in God is to have faith in the Bible because the Bible is God's perfect Word. Every word we read is based on faith. We believe and we trust.
If faith is so common, then why are there so few who believe? This is where the study of God's Word comes in. The Bible emphasizes greatly the importance of faith. The word "faith" occurs in the King James Bible 247 times, of which 245 are in the New Testament. God wants the church to have a very good understanding of the doctrine of faith! But the world and Satan and his followers have placed huge obstacles to prevent many from believing in God and the Bible.
Don't let Satan or anyone stop you. Come and be blessed with God's Truth, that you may know and possess this precious faith of God that can give you eternal life.


January - March 2014

A Needful Ministry for these Last Days

Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species" (1859) took the western world by storm. In time, moral standards collapsed as society felt emancipated from Christian restraints. In time godlessness became the new code of conduct.
By the 20th Century, the new trend was embraced by progressive society, as advances in science and technology persuaded the intelligentsia that man could do without God: higher education with science and technology was what advanced society needed.
At SGH we call to attention the folly of casting aside the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the rock-firm foundation of the society which gave us what we hold dear today. The urgent siren call to thinking men and women is:the Creator God is still very much alive and in charge!Moreover He is coming back to call men to give an account: Judgment Day is at hand!
The God who started it all is coming! You and I will have to give an account before the Judgment Seat of Christ. The Day is at hand.
Are you ready?


April - June 2014

When Jesus comes!

Beware, Last Days Scoffers
In Noah's time, the global destruction was by water. The final destruction will be by fire (2 Peter 3:10). God's Word plainly says that the earth "... and the works that are therein shall be burned up."
The two global destructions are expressed in the Chinese word 災: the upper component of the character says "water" while the lower component reads "fire." The original Chinese know it long ago!
But scoffers "pooh-poohed" the idea, "maybe world destruction will come in 10,000 years' time!"
Scoff! Scoff!


July - September 2014

Jesus Says

The visible Church of Jesus Christ has been badly maligned today since the birth of the ecumenical movement in the early 20th Century. After nearly 100 years of the influence of the ecumenical movement, the face of 21st Century Christianity is vastly different from that of the Pentecost in Acts 2. The true gospel of Jesus Christ that is according to the Holy Scriptures is lost among the myriad proclamations we read and hear about. We must get back to basics, for it is our salvation that is on the line. We must make sure of our salvation or we will find ourselves in Hell if we die in our sin. We are not believers just because we say we are. We are believers only if we have truly accepted Jesus Christ according to the Scriptures.
Who is Jesus? Let Jesus speak for Himself through the Scriptures as we study the Bible through the theme "Jesus says".


October - December 2014

When God calls, don't you refuse!

When God's servant John Sung came in 1935-38, I missed the call to full-time service. In August 1938, unexpectedly, God's servant was holding an unscheduled service of consecration in Muar, Johor.
Mother asked if I might be interested to make the 32-mile trip. I jumped at the opportunity, and in no time I was with my parents on the way to Muar from Batu Pahat.
When Dr Sung gave the call for full-time service, I put up my hand without hesitation, together with a dozen others. After the service Dr Sung laid hands and prayed for all of us. That was in 1938.
Thirty years later, I gave myself for full-time service, in the Lord's "vineyard."
I have now been in the Lord's service "full-time" - some forty years. These have been blessed years, in the service of the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. I was once asked, "Have you had any regrets, resigning the professorship of obstetrics and gynaecology?"
What do you think? Come and find out at SGH, Lord's Day, 26 October 2014.
Rev (Dr) Tow Siang Hwa


January - March 2013

The Climax of Creation
Evolution's Deadly Deception

A lie, told often by respectable persons, gains credibility over time. Eventually, the lie gains the semblance of truth. This is Satan's method.
When I first entered Medical School, I was taught that evolution began some 500 million years ago. Today, some 70 years later, that figure has grown to 3,000, and if you like, make it 10 billion years or more!
This is speculation, not science.
Today, evolution is taught in institutions of learning, from the lowest to the highest, and generally assumed to be fact. What Darwin had put forth as a tentative idea had now gained the aura of truth.
But evolution is still a deception from the devil, the father of lies.


April - June 2013

Ready for the Rapture

When our Lord rose from the grave, none of the disciples believed, though he had forewarned them time and again. Not even the witness of the ten disciples could convince Thomas the Doubter (John 20:25).
It is therefore no surprise when many of today's Christians scoff at the idea of our Lord's Second Coming. Yet this is the Scripture record.
Christian reader, whether you believe or not, true believers will be taken up when our Lord returns to earth as He promised. Read 1Thessalonians 4:16 and 17 and be not unbelieving.
Be ye ready for the coming Rapture!
Sunset Gospel Hour
"Earnestly contending for the faith in perilous times"


July - September 2013

"Earnestly contending for the faith in perilous times"
More "F.A.Qs"

A serious supporter of SGH sent us a list of practical and pertinent questions for answer at SGH. For such timely help we say a hearty "Thank you very much! Your questions are timely and positive." May I request you to kindly take the trouble and time to use the card to invite a friend. God bless you for your effort - just being a Gospel messenger for the Lord.
If each of us would bring just one friend, our John Sung Memorial Auditorium will be filled! And the blessing is yours! You might even give someone a ride to SGH. God bless every cheerful disciple!
Like the Christians of Berea, let us search the scriptures, "whether these things were so." - Dr Tow


October - December 2013

Songs which uplift

My dear reader,
This last quarter of the year, fast slipping away, invites you to Sunset Gospel Hour! Come, join in the singing of Songs from God's "Song Book" - the Psalms. don't let the world rob you of this heavenly peace and uplift of God's "House of Prayer and Praise."
Heaven's peace - while on earth! Three months in God's House, at the close of God's Day, promises you a whole new and blessed experience not found any where else. After the Service you might think, "When shall I come again?" SGH has done something good simply because God's love and joy is there.
The Songs of Heaven will drive away the gloom of earth. Thank God for inspiring David to write the Psalms, songs of comfort and consolation so much needed today. I wish you God's peace and comfort!
Yours faithfully in the King's Service
Dr Tow Siang Hwa

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Preaching the Whole Counsel of God in These Last Days
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January - March 2020

"Know the Judges!"

“Every man did what was right in his own eyes” was the phrase that God used to characterize the period of Judges that lasted more than three hundred and fifty years. But this is the phrase that characterizes the world since the fall of man. Yet it was a rebuke against God’s people because they had the Word of God and ought to have done what was right in the eyes of the LORD; but they did not! They gave up on God, but God did not give up on them. They were the people of God in the Old Testament, Israel!

We are living in a period similar to that of Judges. We are the people of God in the New Testament. We have much to learn from God through how He raised up and used the judges in times past to help His people, so that the church today can be delivered from her many sins against her LORD! The sins committed in churches today include idolatry, broken families and breaking of vows. MAY WE ALL BE BLESSED BY THE LORD THROUGH THE STUDY OF THE JUDGES!