About Book Library

Book Library

The church’s Library Ministry supplements Christian education beyond the weekly preaching, fellowship and Bible study. The library serves as a resource centre where church members can seek and expand their knowledge on various topics relating to victorious Christian living.



What are its services?

Loan of books to members to read at leisure.

Click HERE to browse or search the catalogue English and Chinese books available.



How to join the Book Library and use its services?

Please register personally at the Book Library. Membership is free of charge for Calvary Pandan BP Church members. Non-church members pay a fee of $3/- for 3 years.

Each person may borrow up to 2 books for a maximum of 3 weeks.



Where is it located?

Room #03-04



What are its operating hours?

12.15 – 1.30 p.m. every Sunday



Contact Persons

Dn Han Whie Kwang Overseer books_library@calvarypandan.sg
Mr Sing Kong Yang Main Co-ordinator books_library@calvarypandan.sg