The Reason Why

"The Reason Why" is a captivating gospel exposition written by Robert A Laidlaw - a New Zealand businessman - out  of concern for the salvation of his staff. The booklet has since helped unnumbered thousands find salvation in Jesus Christ and changed the lives of many. By 1969, over 16 million copies had been printed in more than 30 languages. Click below for free downloads of the audio and booklet.

Track 1 Introduction
Track 2 Proving God
Track 3 The Revelation of God
Track 4 Jesus Christ, Son of God?
Track 5 Many Ways to God?
Track 6 The Perfect Sacrifice
Track 7 People, Not Puppets
Track 8 The Wages of Sin is Death
Track 9 No Fairer Offer
Track 10 Amazing Love
Track 11 A Soldier Led to the Cross

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